Rebels of the Neon God

When: Nov. 20-22, 7:30 p.m. 2015

Director Tsai Ming-liang's debut feature film, Rebels of the Neon God, is a water-soaked urban drama set in Taipei, Taiwan. The story weaves two seemingly separate, angsty coming-of-age tales into one narrative amid Taipei's youth culture of malls, arcades and rough streets. The first focuses on the broody Hisao-kang, a student whose father drives a cab. The second strand concerns a pair of hoodlums who smashed a taxi's rearview mirror one night — the taxi driven by Hsiao-kang's father. Hsiao-kang starts following the hoods, slowly working his way up to a final confrontation. Rebels of the Neon God screens at 7:30 p.m. Friday through Sunday (November 20 through 22) at Webster University's Moore Auditorium (470 East Lockwood Avenue; 314-968-7487 or Tickets are $4 to $6.

Rob Levy

Price: $4-$6

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