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Readers trash Reggie Allen and Steve Spagnuolo, and offer RFT a bribe we just can't take

Justice for Anthony Rice: On behalf of the family and friends of Anthony Rice, thank you for looking into and investigating this case ["Left for Dead," Nicholas Phillips]. You are the first publication willing to identify Reggie Allen as the person who caused the death of Anthony Rice and expose his extensive criminal record.

Last February, the coroner's inquest determined that Anthony's death was a homicide, and yet after one year and three months, charges have yet to be filed, and his killer still walks free. We doubt whether this would have been the case had the races of Anthony Rice and Reggie Allen been reversed.
Justin, via the Internet

The smoking gun: Hey, Justin and everyone else: Stop trying to use the race card — that is getting old. They bring a gun — and Reggie is the bad guy? His house got shot at with his kids there — and that's OK? Everyone acts like them boys didn't do nothing wrong. Well, then why did they have a gun?

Reggie takes care of his kids, and the shooters weren't worried about taking his life. Oh, but we have all forgotten about that, eh?
We Love Reggie Allen, via the Internet

The saddest day: Thanks for your warm article about Todd Hewitt's firing ["Days After Firing, Rams Equipment Manager Sits Down With Daily RFT to Reflect," John H. Tucker]. I played for the Los Angeles Rams from 1971 to 1979 before being traded to Buffalo. The day I was traded was the saddest day in my NFL career, even though I got to spend four good years there with Chuck Knox.

When I learned of the firing of Todd Hewitt as equipment manager for the Rams, that became my saddest day for professional football. Todd assisted his dad, Don, as equipment manager from the ripe old age of eleven or twelve, and he worked very hard, even then! His dad instilled a great work ethic, love for the game and, most of all, a love for the Rams. His leaving is a great loss for the organization.

Somebody probably needed to go, as the Rams are way down the list on stats both offensively and defensively. However, it was not Todd Hewitt!
Isiah Roberts, Dallas, Texas

No second side to this story: Shame on Steve Spagnuolo and to the Rams organization. For those relatives of Spagnuolo saying, "Well, there is another side to the story," trust me when I say that if there were one, the Rams would have publicly said so. For 32 years this guy did a good job — and all of a sudden he didn't? I don't think so.

Did you ever think that Spagnuolo is simply a heartless scumbag?
Broil, via the Internet

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