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Readers talk shit about our headline and the Schapiro Group study — but couldn't care less about Ian's oyster issues


CAFE, MARCH 31, 2011
Critic on the half shell: Why send a reviewer to DeMun Oyster Bar who doesn't like oysters ["A Shellfish Man," Ian Froeb]? He starts on about how this is "a personal challenge."

I don't want to read about your reviewer's psychological problems. I want to read about restaurants!
Jock Gunter, Clayton

All the shit that's fit to print: Wow — what a headline ["Shit Colby Rasmus' Dad Says," Larry Borowsky]. I think cursing is for people who can't think of anything intelligent to say. I can't believe that you had to resort to using a horrible curse word. How sad that you had to belittle yourself to such a debased state of mind to get your point across.
PJ Young, via the Internet

Earth to PJ: If you have not already guessed, the title is a play on the famous Twitter account "shitmydadsays." Which in turn has now become a TV show on CBS starring William Shatner. You look like a fool now.
Anon, via the Internet

Rude, lewd and crude: PJ Young is no fool, Anon, but you are in contention. Just because there is a "famous" Twitter account or TV show doesn't make it acceptable. You're just letting yourself be led by other fools. Go wash your mouth out with soap.

And by the way, why didn't the author of the piece use symbols ($#*!) like the TV show does? To get readers' attention, of course. Even though he has no censors, he could have censored himself and used symbols, since he was referring to a TV show that does so. It seems that popular culture is crude, and there are those that want to make it cruder. Too bad.
Mama, via the Internet

More shit-talk: My momma used to say that a sure sign of "lack of intelligence" is someone who has to resort to cursing. What a shame the author has to be so illiterate.
Good sense is not common, via the Internet

Hostages to the moral majority: What you have to realize is that news organizations would never go out of their way to question these so-called statistics ["Weird Science," Nick Pinto]. It is a lose-lose situation. Could you just imagine Channel 5 airing a cover story about how they investigated claims of sex slaves and underage prostitution on and found little evidence of either? It will never happen, because they would suffer more backlash from people wondering what their motives were for doing such a story.

The moral majority (really a minority) is still a powerful group in this culture, and media that relies on advertising dollars will give in to them.
Annon, via the Internet

Fake teens: I wonder if they count the cops posing as teen hos in their bogus statistics. Further evidence of the witch hunt can been seen in a recent issue of the Post-Disgrace regarding a Clayton man who was sentenced to ten years in the pokey (pun intended) for responding to an ad placed by a cop pretending to be an underage prostitute on

I've looked at those ads but have never seen any that advertise underage girls. So he answered an ad for an adult escort and they did the old bait-and-switch when he got there?
Dannybodin80, via the Internet

In last week's feature story, "Tow Truck Yourself" by Nicholas Phillips, we misattributed a quote by a rival trucker who does not like Mark Robbins. The man who spoke negatively about Robbins is Mike Hyndrich, not Mark Hyndrich.

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