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Readers set us straight on the best month, milkshake and the real problem with Washington Avenue

Falling for fall: Totally disagree ["Best Month to Leave St. Louis"]. October has some of the nicest, driest weather of the year. The colors of fall start hitting their peak towards the end of the month. It's the best time of the year to go hiking. Then you have Halloween and all the parties where women all have raunchy hooker costumes. I love October! My pick for worst month would have to be either November or January – probably January because of the cold, post-holiday depression and lack of livelihood.
Dude, via the Internet

Straight from a milkshake snob's mouth: So now that you've established a "contest" between the Fountain on Locust and Crown Candy over which has the better milkshake, I had to test your findings myself and refute them, my friend ["Best Milkshake"].

I am a vanilla milkshake aficionado. I have tasted thousands all over the country. In fact, you might put me in the vanilla milkshake snob category, which at this point I'd doubt I'd win if the RFT were the judge. But I can assure you, I know my milkshakes, and the Fountain's vanilla milkshake is so far superior, there is no contest. I will admit, I haven't been to Crown Candy in a long time, especially since I was never very impressed with their ice cream to begin with. I do have a hankering for the Fountain's vanilla milkshake, which I allow myself to get once a week, because it's that good, and I have to have my fix.

But just to be absolutely certain, I did a little test Saturday afternoon. The only way for a layman, or your reviewer, to do a proper comparison, is to do as I did: Order them both to-go, then sit in your car and taste them right next to each other. I started at the Fountain, then headed over to Crown Candy. This gave Crown the advantage of having the freshest lead, but even then, the Fountain on Locust's milkshake won, hands down. First, the Fountain's whipped cream is fresher tasting and better because they make it from scratch, unlike Crown's commercial product. Then the Fountain's milkshake itself is richer, far more flavorful and of such a higher quality it makes me wonder if Crown Candy is using a powder mix to make their ice cream. Crown's was much too sweet, with an odd aftertaste.

Sorry to have to review your review, but somebody had to do it.
Steve Hartenbaum, via the Internet

History repeats itself: I have been a long-time resident of St Louis, having moved away a couple of times, and have hung out around Washington Avenue since my senior year of high school ["Last Call," Nicholas Phillips]. And this is the same story that always plagues the area. They always run out whomever is doing business in that area. Remember the Other World? Galaxy? Or any number of other clubs that have existed in that area. And it is usually for some inane reason. In this case, they are building up this whole Mafia angle. Seriously, I think they get their ideas for code enforcement from whatever movie is on cable late at night.

Here's an idea. If you don't want to deal with the noise in an entertainment district, then don't live there! How simple is that? Then just shut up and let the district grow up a little. St. Louis used to be a very entertaining city, but now that's all gone. Who needs to hang out in a cookie-cutter club that caters to the soup du jour when you can have some uniqueness, something that takes some time to develop. I've been in a lot of cities in my life, but only St. Louis has places that last about as long as a fruit fly.
SMDrPepper, via the Internet

Blame the loft-dwellers: To all the idiots bitching about the noise, smoke, drunk patrons, etc., outside their "$300,000 loft": When you decided to move downtown, to Washington Avenue, did you think it would be quiet and peaceful? Of all the areas that are home to 3 a.m. bars, this is known to be loudest, craziest and most dangerous. If you wanted quiet and safety, you should have bought a condo in Wentzville.
Dee, via the Internet

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