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Monday, April 23, the birth and death day of William Shakespeare, has been designated World Book Day. In celebration, Left Bank Books and the St. Louis Independent Bookstore Alliance are coordinating ReadMOB, a flash mob designed to get readers and non-readers alike on the same page. With a book in hand, participants should flash flood the steps of the Arch (200 Washington Avenue) at 12:30 p.m., dressed in everyday attire to prevent unwanted attention. The mob's mission is to do the Village People's “YMCA” one better by spelling “Read Books” with their bodies on the Gateway Arch steps. The event will be filmed and immediately posted on the Internet, so mobsters can share the stunt with their friends and family. Attendees will be briefed on how to proceed prior to filming, so be punctual! For more detailed information on your assignment (should you choose to accept it), go to
Mon., April 23, 2012