Pure (The True Site of the Garden of Eden)

Rated NR 90 minutes 2005

Two everyday American kids, Justin and Alia, are going nowhere in their lives. Their sin is not about pleasures of the flesh or breaking the rules of right and wrong. To the contrary, their sin is about feeling nothing, believing in nothing, having no faith at all -- not in hope, not in joy and certainly not in the trite notion that a miracle might just save the day. Their hearts are cynical and their senses are numb. Until one night, they share a really strange dream that entwines with their daily lives and leads them to a modern-day paradise. They embark on the search of a lifetime, without really knowing why, just following a feeling that there must be something more.

Film Credits

Official Site: www.pure-themovie.com

Director: Susan Karrie Braun

Writer: Susan Karrie Braun

Producer: Susan Karrie Braun, Dale Howard and Southida Souratha

Cast: Tian Kitchen, Tara Solomon, Susanne Krietman Taylor and Roberta Valderrama

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