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Pups on Parade


She didn't think it would ever happen — Ms. Day never would have guessed that she was going to become one of those over-enthusiastic dog ladies. Sure, she has always loved the pooches, but now, she's taken her adoration to new heights. For starters, she has a puppies and kitties wall calendar in her work cubicle, and she also has a page-a-day Cute Overload calendar on her desk that seems to favor the pups (at least, in Day's eyes, it does.) Her love is narrow-sighted, it's true (just ask the cats), but take one look at a bunch of frolicking Fidos together at events such as the Beggin' Pet Parade and PetSmart Wiener Dog Derby, and you might begin to understand. Of course, these events offer costumed fun for dogs and their owners primarily, but the dog-observant (ahem, Day) will have a good time, too, making friends and eating and drinking the day away. Just watch your matter how great dogs are, they still will go whenever and wherever. The parade hits the streets of Soulard (at Menard Street and Allen Avenue) at 1 p.m. (registration begins at 10 a.m. and costs $10; proceeds benefit the Open Door Animal Sanctuary), and the derby begins at 2 p.m. in Soulard Market Park (Lafayette Avenue and South Ninth Street) and also costs $10 to sign up your pup; visit for more information.
Sun., Feb. 27, 2011