Punto y Raya

Rated NR 105 minutes 2004

Set at a time of heightened tensions between Venezuela and neighboring Colombia, a Columbian soldier on patrol along the Venezuelan border befriends his Venezuelan counterpart, with unforseen, unfortunate consequences. Cheito, a fast-talking small-time drug dealer is ambushed by police in a Caracas barrio and finds himself drafted into the army. Meanwhile, Pedro, a rural Colombian laborer, volunteers for service. Cheito finally works up the nerve to go AWOL around the time most of Pedro's company is killed in a sniper attack. When the two men stumble upon each other in the jungle, Pedro promptly takes Cheito as his prisoner. Before all is said and done, the two men consort with drug traffickers, masquerade as CIA agents and are even declared war heroes--while gradually becoming something resembling friends.

Film Credits

Director: Elia Schneider

Writer: Henry Herrera

Producer: José Ramón Novoa

Cast: Daniela Alvarado, Pedro Lander, Dora Mazzone, Ramiro Meneses, Laureano Olivares, Edgar Ramirez, Juan David Restrepo, Rafael Uribe and Roque Valero


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