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Prom Do-Over


Who would have ever guessed that the most influential director of the '80s would be John Hughes? People today look back on the Day-Glo decade through the Pretty in Pink-haze of Hughes' many teen flicks, assuming that everyone wore oversize sweaters and leg warmers and rocked out to a steady soundtrack of Yello and Brit Pop, with the occasional golden oldie thrown in for balance. It wasn't really a Ferris Bueller-meets-Breakfast Club world; it was more Reaganomics and Phil Collins fighting for the dollars and souls of various yuppie scum. But nostalgia beats reality any day, especially when it comes to prom. The Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble's '80s Prom encourages you to embrace the fantasy of big hair, big synthesizers and a big color palette in true Hughesian fashion. Dance the night away from 8 to 11 p.m. at the Kirkwood Train Station (110 West Argonne Drive, Kirkwood; 314-827-5760 or while enjoying complimentary appetizers and a cash bar (there's something your prom was missing), while raising a little money for the theater company. Tickets are $45 per couple, or $25 if you want to go stag — just like some of us did in the '80s.
Sat., May 22, 2010