Profile of a Killer

Rated NR 108 minutes

The H-61 Killer is leaving a trail of skeletons across the Northern Mid-West. With police baffled, a retired FBI profiler is called in to assist. A seer of the criminal psyche, Saul Aitken detects an incipient game. Only to find himself at the center as he's abducted from his hotel. With the profiler as his captive, the killer reveals himself as David. Ruthless, resourceful and clever, he challenges Aitken to a battle of wits; he must employ the science of profiling to stop David from killing again. Meanwhile the task force builds a trail with the help of FBI Special Agent, Rachel Cade. With her own kind of ruthlessness, she fights to avenge the victims but now she must do so with a hostage in the equation. The cat and mouse reaches a climax as David lashes out at the authorities. Now facing their wrath, his game begins to unravel. But he still has the profiler as his hostage... and every game needs a final round.

Film Credits

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Director: Caspian Tredwell-Owen

Writer: Caspian Tredwell-Owen

Producer: Jasmine Reid

Cast: Gabriele Angieri, Joey Pollari, Emily Fradenburgh, Constance Anderson, Owen Brafford, Matt Casey, Angie Chalmers, Sophia Elise Brister, Shawn Boyd and Dustin Booth

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