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Prehistoric Pathway

Animatronics dions rule the zoo


After being hunted into extinction by the caveman 65,000,000 year ago (just go with it), dinosaurs have existed only through their fossilized remains and our imaginations. But this Friday, April 18, the Saint Louis Zoo in Forest Park (314-781-0900 or debuts its Dinoroarus exhibit, where sixteen life-sized, animatronics Jurassic giants roar, rustle and spit (!) along a prehistoric pathway near the River’s Edge area. All of your favorites will be there, including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and the spike tailed Stegosaurus. Kids can scale the cranial crested, duck-billed Parasaurolophus and participate in an interactive fossil dig. Of course plenty of living, breathing dino-descendents will be accepting visitors at the bird and reptile houses, and the “Awesome Amphibians” exhibit remains on display with a pair of rare Chinese giant salamanders as the star attractions. Dinoroarus is open daily through Monday, September 1. Admission is $3, while entry to Dino Island 2 (a 3-D film with motion-capable seats) costs an additional $4. A special Dino Pass gains entry to both for $5.
April 18-Sept. 1, 2008