Potluck Gives Way to Chaos in Ferguson 

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The St. Louis chapter of Food Not Bombs, which is dedicated to taking nonviolent direct action to change society, organized a community potluck and barbecue at the burned-out QuikTrip gas station on August 17, 2014, in honor of Michael Brown, 18, who was shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on August 9. As the sun went down, though, things went from peaceful to chaotic when police and a handful of protesters squared off.

Photos by Bryan Sutter for the Riverfront Times

In the days following the shooting, there have been outpourings of support, sorrow, and anger from celebrities and community members alike. Many have taken to the streets of Ferguson to protest. What began as a peaceful demonstration turned increasingly violent, and the protests turned into riots. Now two others have been shot in separate incidents, and the tension surrounding Brown's death continues to permeate St. Louis and the country.

The photographs above were taken by Riverfront Times photographers and writers as well as by contributors. A number of different cameras and cell phones were used.

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