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Planes Mistaken for Stars

Wednesday, May 11; Creepy Crawl (612 North Tucker Boulevard)


Denver's Planes Mistaken for Stars have in the past been unfairly labeled as "emo" because of their roots in punk and their emotionally naked lyrics. Truth be told, this four-man post-hardcore outfit plays a mixture of riff-rock, punk and metal that would scare most emo kids out of their horn-rimmed glasses. Having built its sound over a few lower-profile releases, the band last year released the career-making Up in them Guts: 40 minutes of roiling, storming psychic terror and distortion-pedal mayhem.

Planes Mistaken for Stars took their name from a Replacements lyric, so their live show promises booze-soaked spontaneous chaos. There is no doubt that they're loud enough live to match their album's distortion-laden sound. Expect to see the long-haired tough guys in the front, the emo kids at the back.

Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10; call 314-621-9019 for more information.