Plan 10 from Outer Space

Rated NR 80 minutes 1994

This low-budget sci-fi feature attempts to satirize life in Salt Lake City, UT, and begins as a young woman locates a strange bronze plate beneath the Great Salt Lake. As she tries to unlock its secrets, she discovers that it is part of a UFO conspiracy based on actual Mormon doctrines. The aliens turn out to be intergalactic sex fiends who want to take over the Earth. Fortunately, the heroine has help from assorted crazy characters who work together to save the planet. The title has little to do with the film, nor is it really related to Edward D. Wood Jr.'s awful classic Plan 9 from Outer Space.~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Trent Harris

Writer: Trent Harris

Cast: Stefene Russell, Karen Black, Patrick Michael Collins and Curtis James

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