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How many proposals take place here? It happens frequently, says day manager Charles Browne: "We hear about a couple times a month." Browne advises against hiding the engagement ring in the food, though, saying the practice is hazardous. He also recalls the time a suitor dropped an engagement ring into a champagne glass but the object of his affections didn't notice it. The ring got tossed, along with the other ice, as the boyfriend shouted, "Wait! Wait!" Gallant waiters dug through garbage to retrieve the ring, the lady said yes, and all was right with the world.

1. Tony's
2. Melting Pot
3. Malmaison
4. Sidney St. Café
5. Top of the Riverfront
6. Fox & Hound (Cheshire Inn)
7. King Louie's
8. 94th Aero Squadron
8. Seventh Inn
10. Dominic's
10. Kemoll's
10. Rossino's