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Pinker Tones

9 p.m. Wednesday, April 13. The Gramophone, 4243 Manchester Avenue.


Everything about Barcelona electro-pop group the Pinker Tones is adorable, from its natty matching outfits to its fanciful videos. (The horn-burnished "S.E.X.Y. R.O.B.O.T." features, naturally, a bitching romance between two 'bots.) The duo of Mister Furia and Professor Manso has released six diverse studio albums, which touch on lounge-lizard soul, synthfunk, techno-whimsy and techno-pop. The group's latest, Modular, has room enough for acoustic Bowie-esque folk ("Friends Around the World"), melodramatic new wave ("Tokyo") and thumping keyboard-rock (the Phoenix-esque "Estirado al Sol"). Naturally, though, the Pinker Tones' lighthearted side makes Modular shine — especially "Game Boy Music," what with its cryptic chorus ("Game Boy music's not over") and chirpy chip-tune flourishes. London Calling DJs Clockwork and TrashTalk will open and close the show.