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Pink Spiders / Damone

8 p.m. Saturday, November 25. Mississippi Nights (914 North First Street).


By dipping drumsticks into pogo-punk from the early '80s and splashing around in surf-rock guitars, the members of the Pink Spiders have avoided overdosing on pop-punk. The three boys behind the Bubblicious-meets-liquid-latex outfit serve up edgy yet playful music on their latest album, Teenage Graffiti, a disc where they get their kicks shooting pure blues and classic rock & roll into their veins. Tourmates Damone also offer an uncompromising take on classic, lead-guitar-driven rock. Rather than choosing an over-the-top glam-metal figurehead to screech out lyrics, though, Damone has Noelle. The 21-year old singer and guitarist looks like a young Joan Jett and sings like a much more mature Avril Lavigne. The Boston band admits to encountering its fair share of problems for having a woman lead the thunderous guitars and pile-driving drums; their previous record label wanted them to forgo some of their edge for (surprise!) more radio-friendly pop. Thankfully, the bandmates stuck to their guns (and their love of all things Queen) and dodged the attempt to water down their sound on Out Here All Night.