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Pete Anderson with Moot Davis

Wednesday, April 13; Off Broadway (3509 Lemp Avenue)


For more than two decades, Pete Anderson was the man behind the scenes with Dwight Yoakam. He was Yoakam's producer, bandleader and lead guitarist both on record and in concert. It was a perfect partnership between a talented singer with star charisma and a brilliant musician who could make good raw material even better.

Now Anderson is running his own label, Little Dog Records, and performing a similar role with a young, up-and-coming honky-tonk singer named Moot Davis. Davis doesn't quite have the artistic range of Yoakam -- his material incorporates far less rock and sticks mostly to traditional country weepers and road songs. But Anderson knows this music inside and out, and he helps Davis bring it alive to great effect.

Meanwhile, Anderson has quietly released solo records now and again. His latest, Daredevil, shows off even more of his talents. Anderson plays drums, percussion, bass, synth bass, electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, Dobro, hammered dulcimer, harmonica, piano and all loops and random synth noises. There are occasional contributions from others, but mostly this engaging instrumental record is all Anderson. It's by turns funny, melancholy, beautiful and rocking. Anderson will be performing with Davis, who is worth seeing, of course. But pay attention to that guitar player, and you'll hear some of the most intelligently constructed, perfectly detailed playing of any instrumentalist working today.

Tickets are $5; call 314-773-3363 for more information.