Penguins 3D (The Penguin King 3D)

Rated G 45 minutes 2013

South Georgia - alone in a vast ocean. 900 miles from Antarctica, and a mere 100 miles long. A wild rugged landscape with mountain ranges, vast glaciers, windblown plains half buried beneath snow and ice. Three years ago, the Penguin King left home. Now he is returning to the place where he was born and raised: Penguin City. One of the most densely-packed, sought-after pieces of real estate in the entire southern hemisphere and somehow he must establish his own place in it. He must find a mate. What follows is a journey through the most challenging time of the Penguin King's life. His story is often comic, sometimes tragic, and ultimately triumphant: a rite of passage set on one of the earth's last great wildernesses.

Film Credits

Director: Anthony Geffen

Writer: Philip Lazebnik

Producer: Anthony Geffen and Sias Wilson

Cast: David Attenborough and Tim Allen

Show Times

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