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Paul Burch & WPA Ballclub

9 p.m. Thursday, May 21. Off Broadway, 3509 Lemp Avenue.



Paul Burch named his band the WPA Ballclub after the New Deal's Works Progress Administration, but there's nothing Depression-era about his sound. The former Lambchop drummer originally set out on his own in 1998 and, in the last decade, has built a personal vision of a modern, subtly textured Nashville sound. His touchstones are mid-'60s acoustic country rock, Gram Parsons and Bob Dylan — especially the Dylan of Nashville Skyline, judging by the lively croon of Burch's tenor, the light swing of the mostly unplugged arrangements, the refined melodies and the unpretentious (yet poetic) lyrics. Burch doesn't tour much these days, so a St. Louis date should not be missed — and neither should his forthcoming album, Still Your Man.