Outing Riley

Rated NR

An Irish Catholic family learns that the youngest son is gay. Self-accepting Bobby Riley, a Chicago architect, tells us right off the bat he''s gay. He has three militantly straight brothers and his only sister knows the truth. Now that both their parents are dead, his sister pressures Bobby to tell his brothers. Bobby and his live-in boyfriend would like nothing more than to drop the charade Bobby maintains with his lesbian pal. But when Bobby does spill the beans, his brothers assume due to his regular-guy demeanor that he''s kidding. Besides, they''re meat and potatoes Irish-Catholic, so Bobby simply can''t be gay. But, everybody, it turns out, has a secret.

Film Credits

Director: Pete Jones

Writer: Pete Jones

Producer: Judd Nissen

Cast: J. David Ruby, Steve Dahl, Nathan Fillion, Jeff Garlin, Dana Lynne Gilhooley, Kaye Han, Pete Jones, Dev Kennedy, Buzz Kilman and John Maholm

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