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Our Bodies, Our Selves


German anatomist and Body Worlds founder Gunther von Hagens would like to show you a thing or two. Since its first unveiling in 1995, Body Worlds has drawn attention, crowds and controversy in the way only fully preserved human bodies can. Von Hagens’ patented Plastination technique replaces the water and soluble fats inside a human corpse with polymers such as silicone and epoxy. The plastinated guys and gals of Body Worlds display everything from the circulatory system to fine musculature to a cirrhosis-wrecked liver. And while von Hagens' mission is to educate people about the human body, the Body Worlds specimens are also incredible works of art. At once startling and beautiful, the bodies demonstrate the astounding potential of the human form. The latest von Hagen exhibit, Body Worlds 3, begins its limited engagement on Friday, October 19, at the Saint Louis Science Center (5050 Oakland Avenue). Tickets are $18 for adults, $12 for kids, and $15.50 for students and seniors (group pricing is also available). Because of the enormous buzz surrounding Body Worlds 3, it’s a good idea to buy your tickets at least 48 hours in advance. Purchases can be made at or by calling 314-421-4400. Visit the Science Center’s Web site ( for more information and to view the daily admission schedule.
Oct. 19-March 2, 2007