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Orchid You Not!


The orchid, like a prospective lover, has much appeal. With an undeniable softness and extraordinarily alluring blossoms (hey, we're talking about flowers here! Mostly!), these plants also possess a bit of mystery — specifically, how does one keep the dang things happy and blooming? (A similar question about the lady folk has been raised by many a suitor as well.) At the Orchid Show & Sale at Ahner's Garden & Gifts (11697 Manchester Road, Des Peres; 314-822-2180 or, "Romancing the Orchid" is the theme, which provides plant lovers with a bit of insight into how to care for the fleurs once back at the maison. Wining and dining one of these potted friends won't work — but the seminars at Ahner's this weekend will educate orchid lovers about what will. And the music and refreshments there will help set a romancin' mood. The Orchid Show & Sale happens all day on Saturday and Sunday (February 13 and 14), and admission is free — but leaving the shop with the love of an orchid won't be.
Sat., Feb. 13; Sun., Feb. 14, 2010