Open Season 2

Rated PG 86 minutes

In this sequel to the animated adventure Open Season, Elliot (Joel McHale) and Giselle (Jane Krakowski) are about to get married when a group of pampered pets dognap Mr. Weenie (Cody Cameron) and attempt to return him to his human owners. Mr. Weenie is missing, and now it's up to Elliot, Boog (Mike Epps), and McSquizzy (Billy Connolly) to rescue their old friend from toy poodle Fifi (Crispin Glover) and his gang of domesticated thugs. But these creeps aren't about to give up Mr. Weenie without a fight, and in order to rescue their good friend, Elliot and the rest of his woodland pals will have to enter the dreaded world of household pets.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Matthew O'Callaghan and Todd Wilderman

Writer: David I. Stern

Cast: Joel McHale, Mike Epps, Jane Krakowski, Jacquie Barnbrook and Danny Mann

Show Times

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