Open House (Short Film)

Rated NR 29 minutes

A murder mystery whodunit set in a dark world full of deceit, treachery, and danger: a high school party. Luke gets drawn into a half-baked homicide investigation when his best friend, Jonah, the Sherlock to his Watson, finds that a guest has been murdered upstairs. The only clue points to the girl Luke's loved from afar since middle school, who he knows could not possibly be a killer. Everyone at the party is suspect and no one can be trusted because this is high school, where everyone is hiding who they really are. Luke must learn to separate truth from image and to see past the false fronts his peers have put up. But he must grow up quickly, in order to find the killer lurking among the guests before the night is out.

Film Credits

Director: Dustin Alpern

Writer: Brand Schwartz

Producer: Nick Inchaustegui

Cast: Nick Skardarasy, Philip Maxwell, Quinn Scillian and Ashley Park

Show Times

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