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On Golden Wands


With the 54th annual Midwest Magic Jubilee ( scheduled for this weekend, we're imagining that more things are bound to turn up missing around these parts, if only temporarily, and that some people in our city will be feeling a bit, um, separated from the lower halves of their bodies (also a temporary situation — whew!). Of course, the magicians attending the jubilee are capable of much more than disappearing tricks and sawing-people-in-half illusions, and they welcome you to check out their skills and be amazed at the conference's nightly performances. Shows start at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday (August 12 through 14) at the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton St. Louis Airport (10330 Natural Bridge Road), and tickets cost $8.30 to $20.75 (call 314-295-7968 to make a purchase). And note: All performances during the jubilee are bound to be plenty entertaining, but perhaps Saturday night's show most of all — magician John Calvert celebrates his 99th birthday and 80 years in magic that evening. Be sure to wish him a happy and magical birthday!
Aug. 12-14, 2010