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Old Haunts

8 p.m. Monday, May 21. Way Out Club (2525 South Jefferson Avenue).


Olympia, Washington's Old Haunts certainly sound haunted by something, even if the band rarely clarifies what it is. Over swampy and minimal guitar lines, lead singer Craig Extine emotes in a cracked, straining howl that's equal parts Tom Verlaine and the Arcade Fire's Win Butler. Its latest album, Fuel on Fire, is a minor-key tour de force, conjuring up blues, rockabilly and Creedence with raw energy to spare. If you liked the idea of the White Stripes, but wish they'd jettisoned their tiresome shtick and focused on their rootsy garage influences, the Old Haunts may be an appealing corrective. Tobi Vail — veteran of Bikini Kill, the Go Team and too many other legendary bands to count — will be the Old Haunts' drummer on this tour.