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OK Go/She Wants Revenge

Friday, November 11; Mississippi Nights (914 North First Street)



OK Go's eponymous 2002 debut served up decidedly serious tales of female cruelty on a bed of crunchy dance-pop, liberally doused with the tongue-in-cheekiness of early Barenaked Ladies. But for the August-released Oh No, Franz Ferdinand producer Tore Johansson stripped the Chicago quintet down to its meatiest and hookiest core. Not that that's a bad thing: Although OK Go's numbers are still catchy, chorus-driven and heavy on the handclaps, the band has reached the maturity level of radio-friendly, fashion-rock templates while retaining an ability to smile — and they still end live performances with an extended dance number! '80s retro-revivalist duo She Wants Revenge opens, upping the angst factor in support of their self-titled debut.