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Oh deer: Readers sound off about hunting, illegal immigrants and drugged-up grinches

Calling all hoosiers: I'm shocked, shocked, that a deer can be out in the open like that in Madison County, and it not have a slug or arrow through the neck ["Would Someone Please Shoot Those Deer Stuck on the Mississippi River Ice Floe," Chad Garrison]. Get on it, hoosiers!
Greetings, via the Internet

Yep, Luanne, we really do pay that heartless bastard: All you people (including the, yes, heartless bastard piece-of-shit writer) saying the deer should be/should've been shot: Fuck you. Even (most) true hunters aren't that cruel.

I can now safely say that the Riverfront Times is the biggest piece-of-shit rag ever. What kind of paper encourages or allows its writers to post this kind of crap?

Were you paid to write this, Chad Garrison? What a waste of money you are.
Luanne, via the Internet

Carte blanche for the border patrol: Stories like this always begin after the problem began ["Culture of Cruelty," Monica Alonzo]. Why was this guy in the U.S. if he wasn't supposed to be? Once they start running or fighting back, all bets are off. No one ever likes to hear stories told about confrontations, but the fact remains that he was not supposed to be here, and he ran and fought back. Too bad — story closed!

I have nothing against Mexicans, or really anyone, but once a person starts struggling or resisting authorities, they are clearly in the wrong. They deserve what they get.
John Hunkins, via the Internet

We ruined this country: Ridiculous that we even talk about this. He was committing a felony, and he resisted. If this happened more often, maybe we would have less illegals. Americans can't find jobs now, and you stupid libtards are worried about the civil rights of a felon resisting arrest — one who wants to come here and take another job.

Come on, people, I believe in humanity too, but you must first fix your problems before you take care of others. I know, you feel that the rich should pay for it. What gives you any right to take a person's personal wealth because you feel it isn't fair?

You are responsible for the failure of the United States. Look at the three top stories on the RFT website: Happy hour/drunks times two and gay marriage! And we wonder why the U.S. is jacked up?
David, via the Internet

Expel any dissenters: First of all, "immigrants" are visitors with papers that indicate that they are visiting here with permission, or have become one of us Americans. All others are invaders.

This guy was an invader who was hopped-up on meth and was dealt with like invaders in any other country on Earth. Anyone who goes along with this RFT B.S. should go to Mexico and never return.
Gravy, via the Internet

Blame the drugs: Thank you, Melissa ["Belleville Mom Steals Her Kids' Christmas Haul for Crack," Melissa Meinzer]. This could easily have been a shitfest of insults and self-righteous judgments made of this woman. She clearly needs help, if not for her, then for her kids. Addiction is a bitch.
Sean Bryant, via the Internet

Better off without Mom: Listen, it's nice that we want to see it from the mother's side, but make it clear that that is what you're doing, and don't pretend that children need this kind of mother. I've been the son in this situation and had everyone feel sorry for my mother for ruining my childhood. So that's great: You all want to see her get help. I do, too. But some people you have to write off if you want to have any stability in your life. None of you have the right to speak for her children.
Jeff, via the Internet

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