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Oh, Behave!


These days it seems you can't turn around without reading about or watching the antics of models. But these women aren't from around here — so where's the fun in that? What about all of the fine St. Louis ladies? They deserve some accolades! They're capable of antics! Well, Kyo (1405 Washington Avenue; is helping to locate some of our pretty, pretty princesses during Model Behavior, a model search for twelve fresh faces. The first of these events happens this evening and features confirmed model Cassie D; the quest continues for several months. To see the competitors, show up at the club at 10 p.m. Only one model will be chosen during tonight's festivities — and hopefully her behavior will be befitting of her title. For more information about the event, call Kyo at 314-621-9946 or visit; ladies, you can learn about how you can compete at the MySpace page, too.
Sat., Feb. 24