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Not the Same Old Grind

Pablo Weiss reopens Laclede's Landing coffeehouse as Myron's


If you've been wondering what Paul "Pablo" Weiss has been up to since selling the fabulously successful Hot Locust Cafe, drop by Laclede's Landing sometime during the day, down on Second Street next to Jake's Steaks. What used to be the second location of The Grind coffeehouse is now run by Weiss, who has revamped the menu and renamed the place Myron's.

Right now it's just breakfast and lunch, with plans to go later as the weather gets warmer and the dining-not-just-drinking crowds on the Landing pick up. Meanwhile, however, you can snag such interesting lunch entrees as a Belgian beef stew, simmered with beer, for $7.25, or red beans and rice, made even smokier with the addition of fiery chipotle peppers, for $5.75. Of course there's a full slate of coffee drinks, but, a bit unexpectedly, there's also a short wine list, a collection of beers and even Edy's ice cream.

Weiss says he's still planning to open a "Hot Locust-like" restaurant on Washington Avenue, but, like many of the grand plans for downtown redevelopment, the devil remains in the details, and he's not sure when the deal will finally come together. Until then, stop by and say hi on the Landing.