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Not Just Golfing Around...

Helping to cure cancer


The descriptor "golf-ball-size" is almost never followed by something pleasant. It's always hail, tumors or boils, and never diamonds or darling baby chicks. But at long last, this week "golf-ball-size" (or, at least, golf balls) and cancer are linked (har!) in a positive way. The American Cancer Society's Drive, Putt, Chip for a Cure event happens at 5 p.m. at WingHaven Country Club (7777 WingHaven Boulevard, O'Fallon, Missouri). During this fundraiser, golfers compete in qualifying rounds (tonight's the last night!), and only the best of the best make it to the finals, which happen on Sunday, May 21. As the name of the event would lead one to believe, the competition covers three skills: driving, putting and chipping. In regular-people terms, "driving" is something that often ends in making out, "putting" involves getting the ball through the windmill, and "chipping" has something to do with Wavy Lay's. Er, we think. For more information call the American Cancer Society at 314-286-8158; visit to register. The entry fee is $35.
Thu., May 18