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Not Brain-Powered,



The good news is you've thought enough this week, so you don't have to do any thinking tonight. See, Night & Day is telling you what to do (go to the Upstairs Lounge), and the name of the bar tells you where to go (um, upstairs). When you get to the second floor of 3131 South Grand Boulevard (314-773-3388), don't even worry about getting that brain all fired up. Just grab a drink and settle in, because Julius the Mad Thinker is going to be thinking for the entire room; his name (and shirt) says so. This Chicago-based DJ has played his brand of "home, not house" music across the country for more than ten years, and it will be a special treat to hear him in a non-nightclub setting. He'll bring the beats for you to dance to (nothing for you to worry about there), and he's even joined by other folks who have already pondered how to make this evening fun for you — local DJ Scott McMurray starts the tables around 10 p.m., and Kenny Bobien headlines. The cover for this party is $10; for more information visit
Fri., July 28