Noi the Albino (Noi Albinoi)

Rated PG-13 90 minutes 2004

Is he the village idiot, or a genius in disguise? Seventeen-year-old, Noi drifts through life in a remote fjord in northern Iceland. In the winter, the fjord is completely cut off from the outside world, encircled by terrifying mountains under a thick layer of snow. Noi dreams of escaping from this white prison, together with Iris, a city girl who works at the local filling station. But Noi's clumsy attempts to escape don't get him anywhere. Maybe only an enormous natural disaster can destroy his world and, in this way, offer him a prospect of a better life.

Film Credits

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Director: Dagur Kári

Writer: Dagur Kári

Producer: Philippe Bober, Lene Ingemann and Kim Magnusson

Cast: Tómas Lemarquis, Elin Hansdóttir, Throstur Leo Gunnarsson, Anna Fridriksdóttir and Pétur Einarsson

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