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No Tiptoeing Necessary


Oh, spring is in the air! You can smell it in the raindrops (the days and days of raindrops), and you can see it along any emerald-green grassy patch sprinkled with flowers. We adore these little impromptu blooms — they certainly brighten up any yard — but we also love lush flower beds brimming with color and life. To check out some gorgeously maintained blossoms, look no further than Forest Park. The Flora Conservancy takes great care of the flower beds there, and the group celebrates its springtime successes with the Tulip Festival. Held on the grounds of the Jewel Box from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., this free outdoor party features good times for the kids (a balloon artist and a children's table) as well as fun for the adults: Oohh and ahh over the 60,000 tulips, and meet Anabeth Weil, the creator of the pocket-size, fold-out Forest Park, Saint Louis book. She signs the keepsake, which costs $10.95, and you can even buy some plants to bring the green home. For more information about the Tulip Festival, call 314-289-5323 or visit
Sat., April 12, 2008