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No Place Like Homecoming


A mere ten days after the Frankenstein version of fogey-punk band the Misfits staggered across the stage of the Roberts Orpheum Theater (416 North Ninth Street), that hall will echo with the holiday songs and positive vibrations of the Gateway Men's Chorus. While there is little chance Jerry Only or Dez Cadena will stick around town for the good-cheer vibe, they would almost certainly agree that nothing says "Happy Holidays" like more than 70 men belting out songs in beautiful harmony. At 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday (December 14 and 15), the curtain rises on Holiday Homecoming, and hearts will be warmed by traditional tunes, new compositions (including "A Broadway Christmas" by the chorus' interim director, Al Fischer) and, inevitably, a bit of cheeky humor. Tickets are $23 to $50 (at 314-241-1888 or; for more about the show or the group, visit
Dec. 14-15, 2007