As consumers across the globe continue to seek their purpose, whether it be in terms of their finances, community engagement, or as a family member, one area that they fail to pay heed to is their sleep. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with constantly being on the go, however, failing to rest can be harmful, especially for consumers who are trying so hard to lose weight.

What is the connection between sleep and weight loss? Well, it turns out that sleep deprivation can affect three hormones: ghrelin (“hunger hormone”), leptin (“satiety hormone”), and cortisol (“stress hormone”). Specifically, not getting enough sleep can increase ghrelin, decrease leptin, and increase cortisol. The aforementioned are issues associated with the lack of deep sleep (i.e. REM sleep), a stage where most of our calories are typically burnt.

Having understood the power of deep sleep on our body comes a power duo, Oliver Robertson and Dr. M, who believe that their recent dietary supplement called Night Slim Pro is all it takes to attain desirable sleep and weight management. The following review provides the ins and outs of Night Slim Pro and evaluates whether it is an addition worth considering.

What is Night Slim Pro?

Night Slim Pro is a dietary supplement that has been devoted to helping individuals easily manage their weight in the most convenient way possible. In order to achieve the latter, this respective supplement is said to promote deep sleep, which is deemed the root cause of weight gain and excess belly fat. As per the creator, Oliver Robertson, Night Slim Pro stands out because it contains locally sourced ingredients that have been clinically proven to support fat burning while in deep sleep. To assess the potency of this formula, let’s take a glimpse at the ingredients list.


What ingredients are in Night Slim Pro?

As stated on the official website, some ingredients that are found in Night Slim Pro include:


Corydalis is a type of plant belonging to the family of annual and perennial herbaceous plants called Papaveraceae. They are typically found in the Northern Hemisphere, namely, Africa, China and even the Himalayas. Traditionally, this ingredient has been used in Chinese medicine to improve blood health, relieve discomfort, and ensure our energy systems are on par. More presently, this plant has been used to rid one of inflammation (the role of alkaloids) and to induce sleep (elicits sedative and anxiolytic effects).

California Poppy Seeds

California Poppy Seeds are considered the cousins of Corydalis, as they allegedly produce heat-loving annuals. Seen as the members of the genus Eschscholzia, this respective plant is trusted to resolve sleep problems, aches, and nervousness among other related symptoms that prevent one from attaining restfulness.

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow Root is a perennial herb typically found in Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa. The roots of marshmallows are reckoned to hold a rich source of polysaccharides resulting in gelatinous fiber production. Hence, taking a supplement containing this ingredient might have mild laxative effects as well.

Prickly Pear

Prickly pear belongs to the family of cactus, i.e. Cactaceae. While it is advertised as an ingredient that can possibly treat diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity to name a few, there currently exists a few mixed conclusions suggesting that it might or might not directly reduce body weight in those who are either normal or overweight. Studies with a significant result concluded that cactus fibers are likely to bind to dietary fat, which in turn reduces body weight. Hence, diet plays a vital role in ensuring that prickly pear is effective.

Are there side effects to taking Night Slim Pro?

At the time of writing, neither Oliver nor his partner, Dr. M reported any side effects for the fat burning REM stage supplement, Night Slim Pro. They go as far as arguing that the occurrence is likely low due to its all-natural, vegetarian, and non-GMO nature. Having said that, individuals who are taking other medications should carefully analyze the supplement facts to see if any disruptions in health may occur. This is definitely something that should be discussed with a health practitioner.

How much does Night Slim Pro cost?

Given that Night Slim Pro is promoted for long term use, primarily anywhere between three and six months, Oliver and Dr. M decided to offer incentives for consumers who purchase in bulk. This can be witnessed in the following prices break down:

1 bottle of Night Slim Pro (1-month supply): $69 each

3 bottles of Night Slim Pro (3-month supply): $59 each

6 bottles of Night Slim Pro (6-month supply): $49 each

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Moreover, if individuals do not experience any drastic improvement in either their sleep quality or weight loss endeavors and are not satisfied in any way, each purchase has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. To get the refund process up and running, individuals must do the following:

Step 1: Contact customer service at

Step 2: Upon getting their consent, all bottles (empty, unused, and used) must be sent to customer service at; 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80112.

Step 3: Allow some time to pass so that the team can email about the arrival of the shipments and when the refund has been administered.

Meet Oliver Robertson

Oliver Robertson is a medical researcher of over 20 years. The main focus of his career is studying and researching ways that can help increase longevity. To date, he claims to have conducted national studies that investigated common conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure among others. Having realized how drastic the impact of obesity has had on the American people, he alongside his friends decided to bring Night Slim Pro to the world.


Using Night Slim Pro for Interrupted Sleep

Sleep is a necessary human need that is crucial for mental and physical health. According to the Sleep Foundation, the quality of one’s sleep is just as important as total sleep time. One factor that affects sleep quality is continuity – that is, avoidance of interrupted sleep.

This is exactly what Night Slim Pro was made for as a natural weight loss catalyst because it helps support users' ability to overcome fractured sleep cycles and get the deep sleep patterns trending in the right direction that will optimize metabolic, brain and overall body health. Let's examine what interrupted sleep side effects are to know why Night Slim Pro formula is specifically formulated to counteract these dangerous, especially if prolonged side effects of disrupted sleep cycles that will cause extreme fatigue, exhaustion and lack of energy.

The Importance of Sleep Continuity

Research studies have shown that there is a correlation between subjective perception of sleep quality and sleep continuity.

One such study featured six sample groups, and across all samples, researchers found “Across all six samples and both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, the daytime experience of feeling refreshed (nonrefreshed) in the morning and the nighttime experience of good (impaired) sleep continuity characterized perceived good and poor sleep.”

Another research study published in the journal Sleep featured 62 healthy men and women. Participants were subjected to three experimental conditions which included delayed bedtime, uninterrupted sleep, and either three consecutive nights or forced awakenings. Researchers concluded that the results suggested that sleep fragmentation is detrimental to positive mood. The study’s lead author, Dr. Patrick Finan stated:

“When your sleep is disrupted throughout the night, you don’t have the opportunity to progress through the sleep stages to get the amount of slow-wave sleep that is key to the feeling of restoration.”

These are just two studies, and they suggest that there is a connection between sleep continuity and the quality of sleep. Those who suffer from interrupted sleep may be unable to achieve the deep sleep level that may enable them to feel refreshed, restored, and positive when they awaken. The Night Slim Pro supplement contains the select few ingredients mentioned above as a way to combat these non-optimal conditions that may or may not be age-related and could be due to a number of environmental or dietary causes.

What Causes Interrupted Sleep?

According to a report by Harvard Health, there are various reasons for interrupted sleep – i.e. an inability to sleep throughout the night. These causes may include:


In terms of age, interrupted sleep may occur more frequently among older adults because their circadian rhythm or sleep-wake cycle may dramatically shift with older age.


In terms of lifestyle, interrupted sleep may occur among those who drink alcohol within four hours before bedtime, who nap too much, who consume too much caffeine, or eat within a few hours of bedtime.


In terms of medication, there are some medications that can cause individuals to awaken throughout the night.

Underlying Conditions

As for underlying conditions, a few can cause interrupted sleep, such as neuropathy, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and sleep apnea.

Tips for Staying Asleep Throughout the Night

There are various at-home remedies that individuals can try to promote continuous sleep throughout the night. Here are just a few:

First, individuals may want to reduce their exposure to blue light before bed, as research suggests that there is a correlation between blue light exposure and fewer sleep hours.

Second, individuals may want to avoid consuming caffeine late in the day, as research suggests that those who consume caffeine up to six hours before bedtime experienced poorer sleep quality.

Third, individuals may want to consider melatonin support, as research suggests that sleep hormone may aid in improving the quality of sleep and energy levels during the day.

Again, these are just a few methods that may help promote continuity of sleep.

Overall, interrupted sleep can have a detrimental effect upon one’s ability to feel refreshed, alert, and awake in the morning. Understanding the potential underlying causes and how to overcome them may enable individuals to achieve a continuous level of sleep, and in turn, a better lifestyle. This is why introducing Night Slim Pro formula to your daily routine may be the right decision to make today for a natural supplement that leverages a distinct set of herbal ingredients to combat fractured sleep or interrupted sleep syndrome.


Final Verdict for Night Slim Pro Review

Night Slim Pro is an all-natural supplement that aims to boost weight loss results by targeting a deficiency in deep sleep as the root cause. Deep sleep is truly impactful, as this is the stage in one’s sleep where the body undergoes restoration, specifically, mentally, physically, and in balancing out hormones. Hence, the approach taken by Oliver Robertson and his team is reasonable. However, there are a number of uncertain areas that need further investigation.

For instance, the team has failed to provide the supplements fact, which defeats the purpose of shedding light on a new solution. What sense does it make to list an array of benefits, if the complete formula and its amounts per serving have not been listed? The same applies when assessing safety and value for the price. Next, the references page seems to list nonsensical readings that don’t match the statements made. In particular, it is unclear whether the four ingredients are all that is found in Night Slim Pro or if others including Ginkgo Biloba, Bacopa Monnieri, Huperzine-A, and Phosphatidylserine have also been included.

Finally, the advertisement claims that all ingredients have been locally sourced and manufactured in the U.S., but many of the listed ingredients are normally only found outside of the U.S. So, either this supplement is fully made in the U.S. or ingredients were shipped from elsewhere and manufactured in the U.S.

Ultimately, those who are interested in purchasing Night Slim Pro are recommended to proceed with caution as a lot of clarification is still needed in terms of its formula. At the end of the day, Night Slim pro is a clinically proven, organic supplement that claims to target the root cause of weight gain.

The manufacturer claims that one thing common in people who aren’t able to lose weight is the absence of REM sleep. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is when your eye movement is rapid, alongside low muscle tone throughout the body.

According to recent scientific developments, the shorter the span of this sleep, the harder it’s for you to lose weight. Night Slim Pro targets Interrupted Sleep Syndrome. This enables your transportation to a sounder sleep, which ensures less weight gain. To find out more about Night Slim Pro, click here.

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