Night and Day (Nosht i den)

Rated NR 115 minutes

Marko is 12 years old and he is enraptured by his boundless childish fantasies and games. He has to grow into a man quickly. After a savage turn of fate, the skills and advice which he had ignored until today will come into use to help him save his mother. He is alone in the mountains and he has to overcome mistrust and difficulties, and those who help him have to overcome their own prejudice. Marko hopes to reach the distant village where his mother may find salvation, but the road ahead is very long.

Film Credits

Director: Krassimir Kroumov

Writer: Krassimir Kroumov

Producer: Methodius Petrikov

Cast: Radena Valkanova, Ivan Barnev, Yordan Bikov, Krassimir Dokov, Elen Koleva, Dimiter Martinov, Kristiyan Simeonov, Peter Slabakov, Rumen Traykov and Nikolai Urumow

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