When you were a child, your sweet, positive parents may have given words of encouragement amounting to "If you try your best, that's all that matters" — unless your 'rents had a particularly nasty case of Coaching-from-the-Stands Syndrome that would cause them to get kicked out of the park (charming). Sadly, as an adult you've realized the try-your-best mantra doesn't really fly at the office, and it surely doesn't work when participating in a triathlon. (Notice that's "tri" as in three, not "try" as in make your best attempt.) So in order to prepare you for your swimming-biking-running extravaganza, Maplewood Bicycle (7534 Manchester Road, Maplewood; is offering a Beginning Triathlon course at 6 p.m. During this free class, you'll learn exactly how to train so you are able to cross the finish line — and not try to wimp out halfway through the endurance test. To reserve your spot at the instructional session, call 314-781-9566.
Wed., July 19