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New Orleans Klezmer Allstars

Tuesday, July 27; Broadway Oyster Bar



And they say drum & bass, punk and speed metal are raucous and aggressive. Puh. It ¹ s nothing compared to the New Orleans Klezmer Allstars, whose most recent Fresh Out of the Past (Shanachie) is one of the most furious CDs to come across the desk this year. Harnessing the energy of traditional Jewish klezmer music, the Allstars jam econo, with short bursts of clarinet, accordion and any number of saxophones — alto, tenor and baritone. The resulting festive din rivals the energy of anything coming out of the ³ cutting edge ² electronic and rock communities. They leap from celebratory exaltation to introspective dirge, as well as John Zorn ¹ s Masada project, and flex the in-your-face muscle of the Rebirth Brass Band. Should be an absolute blast on the outdoor patio at the Oyster Bar.