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New Ireland

Nowhere near New England


New Ireland, a province of New Guinea, is a collection of islands in the Bismarck Archipelago — and that's a far piece from St. Louis. But in their oceanic isolation, the inhabitants of New Ireland have created a dozen unique artistic traditions, most notably in mask-carving and sculpture. New Ireland: Art of the South Pacific, an exhibition highlighting these exotic arts, opens Sunday, October 15, at the Saint Louis Art Museum (314-721-0072 or The show's next stop is Paris, so see it while you can. It's definitely easier to get to Forest Park than New Guinea, especially with Forest Park Parkway being once again complete. Admission to New Ireland is $4 to $6 but free on Friday; the show remains up through Sunday, January 7.
Tuesdays-Sundays. Starts: Oct. 15. Continues through Jan. 7