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Neon Trees

8 p.m. Thursday, August 5. The Old Rock House, 1200 South Seventh Street.



No matter how maligned the genre may be today, one thing remains true: Ska brings people together. Take genre footnote Attaboy Skip. The fledgling Las Vegas ska-punk band would be completely relegated to the black-and-white checkered history books had it not been for one key fact: Drummer Ronnie Vannucci went on to join the Killers. Now, another former Skipper, bassist Branden Campbell, is making progress in the dance-punk realm with Provo, Utah's Neon Trees, which released its major-label debut, Habits, in March. But the bond of ska is strong — not only did Vannucci help get the band signed, he also recently sat in and helped re-record "Sins Of My Youth," Habits' next single. Once it comes out, you should really make sure to, uh, pick it up.