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Neither Baller Nor Shot Caller


Like far too many 21st-century terms, the phrase "post-racial" is thrown around without any real heft or meaning. The overuse of the phrase only obscures the fact that real problems persist today, many of them based on prejudice. Those who want to believe that ours is a "post-racial" society often point to the diversity of the sports industry. But in his new book, Ballers of the New School: Race and Sports in America, Thabiti Lewis points out the flaws in this line of thinking. Dr. Lewis, a scholar and university professor who regularly speaks on issues of race and culture, argues that the "Cinderella story" of young African American men finding success in the big leagues ignores the systemic problems in the sports industry. Many kids dream of being the next star athlete but aren't given the resources necessary to switch gears when that dream doesn't come true. And while a team's player roster may be diverse, there are very few minorities at the corporate level. Dr. Lewis discusses his work at 7 p.m. tonight at the downtown location of Left Bank Books (321 North Tenth Street). The event is free; call 314-436-3049 or visit for more information.
Thu., Feb. 10, 2011