My Fuehrer: The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler

Rated NR 89 minutes

In December, 1944 Berlin lies in ruins and the war is as good as lost. Joseph Goebbels is convinced that all the country needs is a re-energizing speech from the Führer. Adolf, however, is only a shadow of his former self; demoralized and depressed, he hides in his office and avoids contact with the public.The only man who can help is Germany's finest acting teacher, Adolf Grünbaum – a Jew. Goebbels spirits the teacher and his family out of a concentration camp and sets them up in the Reich Chancellery, with only five days for the Führer to return to top form. Professor Grünbaum employs everything from relaxation exercises to psychotherapy in his work with the Führer; when he takes Hitler back to his difficult childhood, the man's traumatic memories bring him to tears. The momentous day of the Führer's speech finally arrives, but an unnerved Hitler loses his voice and forces Grünbaum to hide under the stage and deliver the fiery speech to the masses while the Führer lip syncs and gestures wildly from the platform above. Soon, though, Grünbaum begins deviating from the written and practiced speech and presents an utterly different interpretation of Germany's situation, which leaves the assembled masses visibly astonished.

Film Credits

Director: Dani Levy

Cast: Helge Schneider, Ulrich Mühe, Sylvester Groth, Stefan Kurt and Sergio Kleiner

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