Musica Cubana

Rated NR 93 minutes 2006

Barbaro, one of the city's typical taxi drivers, picks up the Maestro Pio Leiva, 85, a star of the Buena Vista Social Club, who is late for a radio show. Barbaro and Pio become friends and decide to put together a band with some of the best and most acclaimed young musicians living in Cuba today--all under the direction of the Maestro, of course. The film tells the story of the formation of the band. At the same time, it is an authentic journey through the real lives of these incredibly talented young musicians. How do they live? What does traditional Cuban music mean to them? How do they see life in Havana today? What are their dreams? "Musica Cubana" is a film about traditional and modern music in Cuba today. But, it is also a journey into this very special and passionate country--into its music and into the hearts of its people, equally full of passion, love and hope.

Film Credits

Director: German Kral

Writer: Stephan Puchner and German Kral

Producer: Claus Clausen and John G. Phelan

Cast: Pío Leyva, Barbaro Marín, Mario 'Mayito' Rivera, Pedro 'El Nene' Lugo Martínez, Telmary Díaz, Osdalgia Lesmes, Luis Frank Arias, Tirso Duarte, Roberto Carcassés and Samuel Formell

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