Mr. White Mr. Black

Rated NR 136 minutes

Gopi, a simpleton, arrives in Goa from Hoshiyarpur, to hand over a tiny piece of land to his childhood friend Kishen, which was his father's last wish. Kishen, now a conman, swindles people with a little help from his accomplice, Babu, to earn enough money to educate his sibling Divya who is studying in London. When Kishen gets to know that Gopi has reached Goa to meet him, he avoids him as he doesn't want to give up his flourishing business and travel to Hoshiyarpur just to take possession of a measly piece of land! However, Gopi is adamant to meet Kishen and is aided by Tanya, daughter of the owner of KG Resorts. Little do they realise that three girls are held up at KG Resorts with stolen diamonds worth millions. When Kishen, Babu and everyone else learn about this they all make a mad rush for KG Resorts. Gopi finds himself a part of the gang.

Film Credits

Director: Deepak Shivdasani

Producer: Bipin Shah

Cast: Suneil Shetty and Arshad Warsi

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