Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte from Staatsoper Berlin

Rated NR 203 minutes 2012

Mozart's Così fan tutte ("Thus Do They All") was first staged in Vienna in 1790; it is a timeless opera, one that in fact became increasingly popular in the twentieth century as accusations of its triviality were replaced by greater recognition of its depths. Mozart's delight in juggling the comic and the serious is on full display here, and the opera's adaptability is proof of its strength. Under the motto "To cheat on your partner or not, that is the question," Dörrie stamped an originality on the work which impressed even the skeptical critics.

Film Credits

Director: Michael Beyer and Daniel Barenboim

Cast: Dorethea Roschmann, Katharina Kammerloher, Hanno Müller-Brachmann, Werner Güra, Daniela Bruera and Roman Trekel

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