Mot�rhead, Valient Thorr at the Pageant, 9/9/08 

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Motorhead returned to St. Louis on September 9, 2008. Spot the Lemmy leg autograph, and the dozens of Motorhead T-shirts among die-hard fans.
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Lemmy of Motörhead performing.
Lemmy of Motörhead ain't no Jesus Christ Superstar, but he is one of rock's greatest icons.
She can't help it if she brings a sparkle to your eyes.
This young lady was autographed by Lemmy and planned to get it tattooed on the next day.
The young man on the left is named Lemmy after Motörhead's lead singer -- he even showed me his driver's license to prove it! On the right, the man who gave him his namesake.
Hot Motör-women; at left, the mother of little Lemmy.
This mantra could be read on the back of many at the show.
Lemmy don't need no religion, but this woman might make him reconsider.
Lemmy of Motörhead performing.
Phil Campbell, lead guitarist of Motörhead of 24 years.
We are Motörhead, we are Motörhead.
Awesome kids before the show.
"How crass are we allowed to be?" he asked before clutching a handful.
It ain't no crime for him to rock it.
By Sarah Paradoski
Fans at Halo Bar after a long night of the rock.
American roses.
Born to raise hell.
In the black.
St. Louis, where the bad boys are.
Some mean machines waiting for the start of the show.
Spending time on the killer floor.
Friends drinking at Halo Bar before Motörhead takes the stage.
Motörhead performing.
A young fan and his autographed Motörhead paraphernalia.
Duders down on the floor.
Motörhead boys and Motörhead family.
This father taught rock instead of scorn.
They're in love with rock & roll.
Just loving the life they lead, another beer is what they need.
Opening band A.S.G. performs.
Valient Thorr performs.
Motörhead performing.
By Sarah Paradoski
Motörhead and fans giving mutual appreciation at the show's end.
More satisfied rockers out front after the show.
Post-show rock glow.
Lemmy of Motörhead performing.