Mongolian Ping Pong (Lu Cao di)

Rated NR 102 minutes 2006

Bilike has never seen a ping-pong ball before. He and his family live without electricity and running water in a solitary tent home among the vast steppe grasslands. Life in the middle of nowhere can be exciting for a young boy. The smallest of details become big events for curious Bilike and his best friends Erguotou and Dawa. The mystery of the small white ball floating in the creek leads to questions about the world around them, as well as innocent mischief. Bilike's grandmother says the ball is a glowing pearl from heaven.

Film Credits

Director: Hao Ning

Writer: Hao Ning

Producer: Lu Bin and He Bu

Cast: Hurichabilike, Dawa, Geliban, Badema and Yidexinnaribu

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