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Modern Life

Involves diverse dance and defying gravity


So here's what you're going to check out either tonight or tomorrow night (November 3 or 4): an amazing presentation of aerial work during which the performers dangle delicately (and dangerously) high in the air, suspended only by a ribbon of fabric. And as if that portion of the show isn't enough for you, the program also includes several dance numbers. Now, before you jump ahead of us here, this isn't a Cirque du Soleil encore — it's even better. Gramo Danse, presented by ANNONYArts, is a program of modern dance performed by people who live right here in St. Louis. The talented choreographers — Summer Beasley, Monica Newsam and Nicki Tipton-Tallent, plus guest artist Robin M. Berger — have put together a concert full of variety. In this show, different music styles and dance genres, including tap, defy what many think fits within the confines of a "modern dance" performance. Says Beasley, "[Sometimes] people come to modern dance and say, 'Oh. What was I supposed to get out of that?'" Instead the co-choreographer hopes audience members learn this: "In modern dance it's not about what you should be getting, but what you got out of [a performance]." And we think you'll walk away with a lot.

Gramo Danse happens at 8 p.m. both evenings at Central VPA High School (3125 South Kingshighway), and the show is followed by a Q&A session. Tickets cost $7 to $12 and can be purchased at the door. For more information about the concert, call 314-721-0052.
Fri., Nov. 3; Sat., Nov. 4